Ginelle Chagnon started her professional dance career in 1971 with Montréal’s Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. In the '80's she reached towards contemporary dance and also began to teach and play the role of rehearsal director. Collaborating in many creative processes and understanding the insider's point of view (the dancer's) as well as the outsider's perspective (the choreographer’s and the spectator’s) prepared her way to assist Jean-Pierre Perreault as of 1993.
Currently, she is assisting choreographers Paul-André Fortier, Sylvain Émard, Heidi Strauss and other dance artists in their creative process. Aside for being alumni of the part time faculty at Concordia University's Contemporary Dance Department, she regularly guest teaches creative process workshops in Canada and abroad.  Also a board member of the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault, she is defining new ways of caring and understanding the legacy of Quebec’s contemporary dance repertoire.